Sewing company

We operate in Lodz as a tertiary sewing company. We make clothing from scratch, we just need a picture or a sketch. We do resews and patterns on demand. You do not have to know yourself anything about materials, templates, designs or sewing. Trust the professionalism and experience of our specialists and do not worry about any of the stages of your order.

Our customers do not choose us only because of the competitive prices, but also because of the prospect of successful cooperation. That is why, we recommend our services to contractors expecting professional service and problem-free order fulfillment.


Allowing our designers to work for you, guarantees service of the best quality. Dozen years of experience in designing clothes connected with the newest CDA/CAM, Assyst and Lectra systems led to the full satisfaction of our past customers.

Pattern shop / Pattern and collection sewing

We have our own pattern shop located in Lodz which enables us to fulfill even the most demanding orders. That is why sewing a single pattern or a whole collection for our customers is not at all a problem for us. You can feel confident about your serial production thanks to our prior preparation of the sewing technology in our pattern shop in Lodz.


The clothing market being overflown by producers, the professional and success-oriented ones try to stand out as much as possible. Therefore, it is important to look after for both original patterning and proper identification of the products with their makers.

Technologies used by us give a huge amount of possibilities. The only boundary is the imagination of our customers.


Clothing prepared in our sewing shop in Lodz can be decorated with all kinds of overprints. We cooperate with many professional printing offices which specialize in soft prints on textiles, ranging from simple silk-screen painting up to advanced technologies of digital printing, even on cotton.

Cutting room – cut-outs on demand coming from Lodz

As JOAN is a multi-functional sewing company, our offer includes also material cutting – woven and knitted fabrics or linings. This category of services are performed with modern and highly productive machines – the cutting is quick and precise at the same time. We own band knives, vertical knives and disc knives that is why the range of opportunities is very wide. What is more, we also have an automatic cutting machine. We cut single and multi-layered fabrics alike, both woven and knitted. With a fusing machine, we back the materials for out customers. We encourage direct contact or visiting us at Joan's headquarters located at 2 Nowe Sady Street in Lodz.

Advertising Clothing

Joan sewing company offers also the possibility of ordering special advertising clothing which can be used as gifts for employees or customers. The overprinted logo or other elements that will point at your company will make it more recognizable.

Branded T-shirts with unique overprints or other kinds of ornamentation will make a good impression on customers. This can be essential in gaining new customers. Advertising clothing can bring benefit when given to employees. Branded uniforms worn by each and every employee will highlight the unity of all people within the company. Ordering advertising clothing from the Lodz sewing company Joan, means that you decided on modern, fashionable, original and comfortable clothing of the best quality.


We make sure that our customers are pleased with every aspect of collaborating with us, which is why we provide a complex service, which also includes professional transport of the clothing ordered from Joan sewing company. We have a fleet of delivery cars quipped specifically for this kind of tasks, so you can be sure that your order will not be damaged during delivery. Our drivers are characterized by punctuality, so just give us the place and time of the delivery and we will handle the rest.

Shop/warehouse with fabrics and embroidery

We run our own fabrics and embroidery shop which was built based on many years of practice and experience in materials science. We import woven and knitted fabrics ourselves, both from Western Europe and the Middle East. We have in stock also materials produced in Poland. There can be only one conclusion here, the selection of the right production resource for our customer is not a problem at all.

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